Pool Closes for Summer With a $76K Loss

The Benwood Pool generated about $10,000 in additional revenue this summer over last year despite the cooler weather, but still posted an overall loss of nearly $76,000 for 2013, according to city officials.

The pool opened May 25 after $42,000 in upgrades were installed. It closed for the season on Aug. 18.

City Clerk Judy Hunt reports the pool had revenues of $40,342 this summer, and that that was an increase of about $10,000 over 2012.

But expenses at the pool for the year were $116,285, resulting in an overall loss of $75,943 for 2013, she said. Losses at the pool in 2012 were $70,282.

This year, two new sliding boards were installed at the pool, as were a 12-foot diving board, a 3-foot diving board and a rock wall. The pool was heated, and new filtration was installed.

Last year, pool losses were also higher due to the expense of paving the parking lot, according to Hunt.

The pool typically sees annual losses of about $38,000 to $48,000.

“It fluctuates,” Hunt said.

This summer was successful for the pool, added Mayor Ed Kuca.

“All the city playgrounds were used by the children,” he said. “There were new basketball nets – we did that for them. We did whatever we could to make the park more comfortable for them.

“And all the activities at the swimming pool … the city should be proud.”

Hunt noted she has heard positive feedback from residents regarding the pool.

“They say they like the Benwood Pool better now than any other pool,” she said. “As a city official, that makes you feel good to hear.

“The tax dollars are going back into the community, and it’s good to be able to add to the quality of life. The kids have to have something to do.”