West Nile Virus Is Reported In Nearby Keystone County

A mosquito sample recently collected in Rices Landing, Greene County, Pa., has tested positive for the West Nile Virus, according to information provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

DEP staff collected the positive sample Aug. 8 at the Rices Landing Sewage Treatment Plant, and the sample was analyzed by a state lab. Currently, DEP staff are applying larvacide and resampling at the plant to further evaluate what procedures should be taken.

While it is not necessary to limit outdoor activities, officials are warning that residents take proper precautions to avoid mosquito bites and to prevent inadvertently creating breeding habitats. Residents should take normal steps to prevent insect bites, be properly clothed when working outside for extended periods of time and consider using mosquito repellent, preferably repellent containing the ingredient DEET. Additionally, household windows and doors should have screens in good repair.

Any water-holding containers located on outside property – in particular, discarded tires – should be disposed of immediately in an appropriate manner. Stagnant water in discarded tires is where most mosquitoes breed.

Roof gutters should be properly cleaned for clogs, and plastic wading pools and wheelbarrows should be turned over when not in use. Water should also not be allowed to stagnate in birdbaths, water gardens and swimming and ornamental pools.

For more information, call the Greene County Conservation District at 724-852-5278 or 724-557-1291 or 877-724-3258.