A Day of Caring

Cathy Brown was delighted as she stood among a throng of volunteers bustling about Wheeling Health Right on Wednesday during the 22nd annual United Way Annual Day of Caring.

“We love this day,” Brown said as volunteers from American Electric Power, Citizens Bank, Health Plan, Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack and Main Street Bank continued their labors about 11 a.m. “We get so much extra work done.”

According to Brown, the clinic received 30 or more volunteers who performed tasks ranging from yard work to electrical work and painting. She said her staff rarely finds time to do many of these tasks.

Wheeling Area Training Center for the Handicapped Director Kurt Benedict agreed as volunteers from Williams Partners worked to clean and repaint the men’s restroom at the facility.

“You can’t ask for a better group,” Benedict said. “They’re helping paint; I didn’t even ask them to clean, but they just went ahead and did.”

The Day of Caring is a yearly event that allows companies with employees in the area to give them the opportunity to go out and volunteer their time to help their communities.

Williams employee Kathy Hughes said the workers are still getting paid for the time they work. In essence, she said, the companies are donating their labor for the day.

“It’s just like we’re on site working,” Hughes said as she painted trim around the ceilings. “We can’t wait to come back next year. It’s a very, very rewarding experience.”