Buckeye State Absentee Ballots To Be Available Starting Tuesday

Absentee ballots for the Nov. 5 general election in Ohio become available Tuesday, but can be requested now from county boards of election.

A total of 1,570 voters already have asked for ballots in Jefferson County, according to County Director of Elections Diane Gribble. She expects more than 3,000 to cast absentee ballots in the election.

There are 47,662 registered voters in Jefferson County.

“We’re an older county,” Gribble explained. “The older population – they automatically call in and tell us they want an application. They send it in, and we get their ballots out. They vote, and then they’re done with it.”

Those needing to register to vote or update their voting information must do so by Oct. 7. All boards of election will be open extended hours that day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to assist voters with last minute changes.

Local boards of election offices can be contacted at the following phone numbers: Belmont County, 740-526-0188; Harrison County, 740-942-8866; Jefferson County, 740-283-8522; and Monroe County, 740-472-0929.

Belmont County also reports having many absentee ballot requests already. There are 49,501 registered voters in the county, and there were 268 absentee ballot requests as of last week, according to Kelly McCabe, deputy director of elections in Belmont County.

Traditionally there are fewer requests for absentee ballots in Monroe and Harrison counties.

Harrison County has had “about a dozen” residents asking for an absentee ballot, said Cindy Bear, deputy director of elections. Harrison County has 7,144 registered voters.

Mollie Landefeld, deputy director of elections in Monroe County, reported about 30 absentee ballot requests there. She set the number of registered voters in the county at 10,400.

Landefeld expects more absentee ballot requests to start rolling in next month.

“After (Tuesday), the bomb goes off, ” she said. “It’s like everyone remembers, and wants to vote.