Kitchen Fire Prompts Crews To Cut Hole in Roof of Home

Firefighters cut a hole in the roof to aerate a White’s Lane residence that filled with smoke after a fire started in the home’s kitchen Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters and tankers from Mount Olivet, Moundsville, Bethlehem, Benwood, Limestone and Sherrard were dispatched to the scene after the fire started around 1 p.m. Tuesday.

American Electric Power was called to cut electricity to the building, and the West Virginia Division of Highways closed the road to traffic. A Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services vehicle also arrived on scene.

Mount Olivet Volunteer Fire Chief Rob Nolte said the fire started in the wall of the kitchen. He called the residence a “house built around a house,” and said the structure originally was a trailer home to which more rooms were added. That construction created recesses in which fire was hidden.

The amount of smoke that filled the building hindered the firefighting effort. Responders climbed onto the roof and used a chain saw to cut a hole in the attic and release the smoke. Then they snaked a hose onto the roof and shot water down into the kitchen.

The two residents were unharmed, but their small dog was not breathing and was taken to nearby Town and Country Animal Hospital. It was unknown Tuesday afternoon if the animal survived.