Lowe’s Reaches Out to Community

WHEELING- Residents and business professionals shopping at Lowes in Wheeling can expect a few surprises throughout September this year as part of the store’s Pro Services Days program.

On Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays a special table is set up at the north end of the store arrayed with food and drink from local eateries and a variety of prizes are being raffled off from local merchants.

“It’s a time for us to show our appreciation to our customers, especially the commercial once because they take up such a large portion of our business,” Lowes Store Manager Lisa Riffle said last week as the table was set with cheese, apples, coffee and other treats.

All month Riffle said the table offers at least doughnuts and coffee. On Fridays she said there are sandwiches and lunch foods.

“A lot of local businesses work with us to provide the food and beverages,” Riffle said. Centre Market Bakery, Valley Cheese, Oliver’s Pies, Wendy’s and Jebbia’s Market were among the Wheeling area businesses taking part as the event began.

Riffle said the Pro Services Days evolved from the Community Appreciation Days, a three-day similar event. This year is an experiment to give people more chances to take advantage of the program, she said.

Food is not the only treat in store this September in the Pro Services Program, Riffle said. An old-fashioned raffle drum is set up close by the table so people can enter to win weekly giveaways from Lowes. Prizes include T-shirts, hats, gloves and gift certificates to local eateries.

On Sept. 27 when the event ends Riffle said the last drawing will be for a Wrangler brand jacket and a Dewalt tool kit. People can enter throughout the month for the two grand prizes.

“We want to reach out to the community and work with local businesses,” Riffle said.

“It’s done pretty good so far.”