Stamp Following in Her Grandfather’s Footsteps

When Joan Stamp was asked to serve on the Wheeling Park Commission, her thoughts went to her grandfather, Arthur Stifel.

Stifel was a founding member of the same commission that has been directing operations and development of Wheeling and Oglebay parks since the mid-1920s. He also established the playground at Wheeling Park many decades ago.

“I’ve been serving for a couple of years on the Oglebay Foundation board, which gave me the opportunity to know the park commissioners,” Stamp said. “I take it as a serious responsibility for the city and its residents to maintain the parks for the future.”

Stamp was appointed by City Manager Robert Herron.

An active community member, Stamp serves on the Wheeling Arts Commission, the Oglebay Foundation, the Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley, the Women Giving Circle, Wheeling Symphony Society Board, and the West Virginia University Foundation. She also is a board member at WesBanco Inc.

Despite her many community commitments, Stamp noted some of her terms on various boards will be ending soon and she can devote the appropriate time to the Wheeling Park Commission.

“It has always been impressed upon me that our park system is the most valuable asset we have in Wheeling,” she offered. “Sometimes I think we forget what a treasure we have here with our parks.”

She and her husband, U.S. District Judge Frederick P. Stamp Jr., raised their two children to enjoy the many amenities the city park system offers.

“Both of our children (Andrew and Elizabeth) live in big cities but love to come home to enjoy the fall leaves and the whole Oglebay experience,” Stamp said.

“I see this as a rare opportunity.”

Paraphrasing her grandfather, she said, “When a city provides you a good living, you give back to your community in as many ways as you can.”