United Way Sets Goal for 2013-14 Campaign

The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley kicks off its 2013-14 fundraising campaign on Wednesday with the Day of Caring.

WesBanco Arena will be buzzing with activity Wednesday, when hundreds of employees from area businesses will gather to learn how they will be helping others in the community.

By allowing their employees the time to go out into the community, the local businesses are giving two-fold, United Way officials said.

Workers will be performing tasks that range from clerical work to painting and cleaning at various nonprofit agencies and organizations that otherwise would not have the ability to pay for the work.

Anyone interested in helping should call 304-232-4625 for more information.

Based in Wheeling, the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley merged with the Brooke County United Way several years ago, broadening the campaign and the effectiveness of the Day of Caring. Jim Rock of Axiall serves as campaign chairman, and Kristie Barnett of WesBanco is campaign vice chairwoman.

“The previous campaign totaled $758,612, so we believe that our goal of $777,777 is a realistic target that we can achieve and exceed,” Rock said.

Rock served as the campaign vice chairman during the 2012-13 campaign.

Barnett served on the cabinet in past campaigns, and as vice chairwoman this year, will be prepared to assume the chair’s post in the 2014-15 campaign.

Cabinet members will work with volunteers within their divisions to distribute campaign materials to area businesses and to help with the company campaigns.