House Party Under Investigation by State Police

State Police are investigating a weekend house party in which it is suspected that underage drinking and drug use may have occurred.

Two troopers investigating an unrelated matter in Valley Grove came across the party. No one was charged that night, but troopers continue to investigate.

“There is some evidence that presented itself,” said Sgt. Jason Laing. “Nothing rose to the level of being able to charge anyone, but the matter is still under investigation.”

He declined to say what troopers initially were investigating, or what led them to discover the party. He also did not disclose what charges may be filed.

Laing did note it is illegal to host a party where underage drinking occurs. If evidence shows a homeowner was aware of such activity, they will be charged, even if they insist they were ignorant to the crime.

“If there is evidence that corroborates a suspicion that you are in fact aware and/or complicit in some way then you’ll be charged and we’ll let a judge or jury make that determination,” he said.

That is not necessarily the case in the incident this past weekend, he added.