Juvenile on the Run Allegedly Stole Cars, ATV and a Trailer

A local 17-year-old is suspected of stealing automobiles, an ATV and a trailer after allegedly escaping from a youth correctional facility in Pennsylvania.

Ohio County Circuit Judge James Mazzone ordered the youth to the Pennsylvania facility on a burglary charge. He has since escaped twice, most recently climbing out of a window and returning to Wheeling.

At about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Ohio County sheriff’s deputies went to a residence in South Wheeling where the boy was believed to be staying.

In addition to the 17-year-old, deputies found a pickup truck, an ATV and a trailer – all of which had been reported stolen.

Sheriff Pat Butler said the early 2000s Ford truck was stolen out of Belmont County; the ATV out of South Wheeling; and the trailer out of the Elm Grove section of the city. The boy confessed to stealing all three, Butler said.

The juvenile is also suspected of stealing a Cadillac out of Pennsylvania, the sheriff said. That vehicle was recovered in Marshall County.

The juvenile is scheduled to answer to the escape charge this morning in front of Judge Mazzone. Butler said charges from the alleged thefts are pending.