New Lodging Option Coming to The Highlands

Pipeliners, frackers, truckers and other natural gas industry workers can dust off their boots in the locker room at the new 120-room Suburban Extended Stay Hotel at The Highlands.

The hotel officially opened on the south side of Interstate 70 at the hilltop retail development Wednesday, though Kim Polsinelli, director of sales, said guests have been staying at the facility for about 2 weeks.

The hotel joins an array of properties constructed at The Highlands – and throughout the Upper Ohio Valley – over the past few years to accommodate the large number of oil and natural gas industry workers flowing into the area.

“We offer weekly and monthly rates, which is good because some of the workers end up being here for a year or more,” said Polsinelli.

“We also have the locker area where they can keep their boots if they want.”

There is also a large laundry facility, as well as an outdoor picnic area, both of which Polsinelli said are popular with guests.

Each of the 120 guest rooms comes equipped with a refrigerator, a stove, microwave and sink, she said, while noting that every bed is queen size.

“We are doing extremely well right now,” Polsinelli said, noting there was at least one night of 100 percent occupancy. “This is a great location.”