Probst Withdraws Name From School Board Race

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – The name of Belmont County Commissioner Chuck Probst will not appear on the Nov. 5 general election ballot among candidates for the Martins Ferry Board of Education.

Probst filed to run in the school board race, but has withdrawn his name from the election, confirmed Belmont County Board of Elections Director William Shubat. There are three remaining candidates seeking the school board seats up for election in Martins Ferry – Scott Ballint, Joseph Lovell and Bob Zilai.

Ohio law prohibits officials from holding two elected offices, and had Probst been successful in winning the school board race he would have had to choose between the seat on the school board and his commission post. Probst is up for re-election in 2014.

Among the most-watched races on the Nov. 5 ballot will be the race for Bridgeport Village Council, where four candidates will be elected. Candidates H. James Brubach, Miki J. Clegg, David J. Coyne and Vincent Gallagher have filed to run against incumbents Marvin Husarik, Benjamin Lenz and David W. Smith.

Belmont County Probate Judge J. Mark Costine issued a restraining order temporarily suspending Smith and Lenz from their elected positions as council members. Ten Bridgeport residents have joined in a lawsuit alleging the two council members voted on legislation that benefited them financially, and the matter is being investigated by the Ohio Ethics Commission.

Other contested races will occur in these communities. Political affiliations are noted where applicable.

– St. Clairsville – Timothy A. Porter and Terry Pugh are the candidates for president of council, and Frank Sabatino and Geno L. Sessi are seeking a 2nd Ward council seat.

– Barnesville – candidates for four seats on council are Dale Bunting, Scott O. Gallagher, Brad Hudson, Tony C. Johnson, Tim McKelvey, Tom Michelli and Leslie A . Tickhill.

– Bellaire – Mayor Vince DiFabrizio – the Democrat nominee – is being challenged by Independent candidates Dan Brown and Rickie Parker.

Candidates for four seats on council are Independents Vondi Cetorelli and Josh Meyer, along with Democrat nominees Bob Koteles, Donald L. Maupin Jr., Josh Meyer, Nancy Raeder and James Williams.

– Bethesda – Four are to be elected to council from among Brian J. Bee, Pete Chris Bendo, Paul M. Fitch, Charles Little, Carol A. Merritt, Linda Steadman and David R. Wines.

– Flushing – Voters will select four members of council. Candidates are Bryan L. Clark, Dale E. Holmes, John J. Jozwiak Jr., Randall L. Twarog and Sandra E. Twarog.

– Powhatan Point – Candidates for four seats on council are Samuel W. Armann, Joe A. Asturi, Joseph J. Binni, Rob Caldwell, Jeffrey Haught and John T. Mitchell.

– Shadyside – Three board of public affairs members are to be elected from among Democrat Don Cruciotti, and Independent R. Todd Schau, David M. Stewart Sr. and Terry L. Tipton.

Mayor Robert Newhart, the Democrat nominee, faces a challenge from Independents Ronald P. Kaluger Jr. and Edward Lynn Marling.

And six are to be elected to Shadyside Village Council. Democrat candidates are Robert N. Bell, David M. Gazdik II, Tim Merryman and John A. Tipton II, who face Independents Greg Patrick Givens, Timothy Johnson and Gary A. Rodgers.

The following are candidate for township office in Belmont County:

– Mead Township Trustee (two to be elected) – W. Roger Lewis, Dave Mellott and Chas E. Palmer

– Mead Township Fiscal Officer – David L. Albright Jr. and Jeannie Fankhauser

– Pease Township Trustee (two to be elected) – George Becca Sr., Michael C. Bianconi and Robert Dalton.

– Pultney Township Trustee (two to be elected) – Scott Porter, Franklin C. Shaffer Jr. and James F. Tekely Sr.

– Richland Township Trustee (two to be elected) – Gregory R. Bizzarri, Rick Ferrell, Donald L. Stephens and T.J. Stewart.

– Smith Township Trustee (two to be elected) – Edward L. Beckett, Michael B. Delancy and Ronald W. Duvall

– Union Township Trustee (two to be elected) – Jim Drake, Shane M. Kidlow and Tony Kolanski

– Washington Township Trustee (two to be elected) – Paul A. Kanzigg, Larry P. Stukey and Barry Trigg.

– Wheeling Township Trustee (two to be elected) – Bill Androsko, Winifred Arigoni, John Cramer and Mike Drake.

Candidates in cchool board races on the Nov. 5 ballot include the following:

– Barnesville Exempted Village Board of Education (three to be elected) – Scott A. Baker, Nancy Carnes, Marilynn Lucas, Robert D. Miller and Kenneth M. Triplett.

– Bridgeport Exempted Village Board of Education (three to be elected) – Donald D. Cash, Rodney Hammer, Jodi L. Harkness and Roger W. Stewart

– Switzerland of Ohio Board of Education (two to be elected) – Edward Carleton, Janelle R. Comstock, Molly Davis and Jackie Hupp

In-person absentee voting is currently taking place at local election board offices.