Soccer Coaches OK’d To Resign

The resignations of two Brooke High School soccer coaches were approved Monday during a meeting of the Brooke County Board of Education.

Brian Cerullo and Denis Joseph Palcic were coaches for the Brooke High School boys’ soccer team. The resignations were submitted following an investigation by school officials of the hazing of a freshman soccer player by two other players on Sept. 23.

Brooke County Schools Superintendent Kathy Kidder-Wilkerson said the two coaches weren’t present during the incident, which occurred before practice, and weren’t held responsible.

Cerullo and Palcic couldn’t be reached for comment. They submitted their resignations to the board Oct. 1.

Asked about the students involved, Kidder-Wilkerson said disciplinary action has been taken against the two, but state policy prohibits her from giving their names or stating the action taken. She and other school officials also haven’t disclosed the nature of the hazing.

Kidder-Wilkerson said with just two games left in the season, the decision has been made to keep Sean Beaman as the team’s interim coach, a position he was to fill temporarily. She said Beaman has been assisted by Lee Weppler, head coach of the girls’ soccer team, and former soccer coach Elias Hannaoui.

Kidder-Wilkerson had previously said Cerullo’s and Palcic’s resignations as coaches will not affect their employment as teachers, and she does not expect them to face disciplinary action.

“These two coaches do a really good job for us, and they are just heartsick that this occurred,” she said.

The Brooke County Prosecutor’s Office was made aware of the incident, though no action has been taken.