Woman Who Claimed Police Racism Arrested

A woman who accused the Wheeling Police Department of corruption during a community meeting last week was arrested by officers Monday for allegedly stealing another woman’s wallet at a discount store.

Bonnie Grewe turned herself in at police headquarters at about noon Monday. Police served Grewe, 51, of Wheeling with a warrant charging petit larceny, and she was arraigned by an Ohio County magistrate. She subsequently posted bond and was released.

Officers responded to a theft report at about 4 p.m. Thursday at a Chapline Street business. A woman told police she was helping her grandson buy a gumball 45 minutes earlier and placed her wallet on the top of the machine. She accidentally left the wallet there, and it was gone by the time she returned to the store.

According to police, multiple officers viewed store surveillance video and identified Grewe as the woman who took the wallet. Grewe allegedly dropped her keys on the floor next to the gumball machine, then stood up, grabbed the wallet and exited the store.

Police say Grewe “profusely proclaimed her innocence” when she turned herself in on Monday and said she will contact her attorney to pursue wrongful arrest charges against the department.

Hours after the alleged theft, Grewe was among about 50 people inside the Doc Horton Center in East Wheeling at a meeting led by Delores Wiggins, president of the Ohio Valley Black Caucus.

During that meeting, Grewe complained of “false allegations” against her son, Cory Henry, who is accused of abducting a woman from a local bar last year and sexually assaulting her at Grewe’s home.