Board To View JMHS Design

An updated design for the John Marshall High School renovation from the project’s architectural firm Silling Associates Inc. will be presented to the Marshall County Board of Education tonight.

The board will hold a special workshop session at 6:30 p.m. at the board offices on Fourth Street to view the design. Silling presented a preliminary design in October that featured an updated front exterior and entrance that would require visitors to go through the office before entering the school. They also presented a renovated cafeteria that would resemble an open cafe with several different food stations for students to use.

However, plans for a renovated cafeteria were postponed until the second year of the project in order to accommodate the $8 million expense to completely renovate to the building’s electrical and HVAC system.

According to Superintendent Michael Hince, the presented design will be approximate and the board will not vote on the design Tuesday, although they will give their input.

An update on the Cameron High School project will also be presented at the workshop.

Staff from Cameron High School recently presented to the board several problems still being experienced in the new building including roof leaks and the lack of instruction manuals for the school’s operating systems.

The staff noted the leaks were starting to warp the auditorium’s stage floor and teachers were putting out trash cans outside their classrooms to catch leaks during heavy rain.

They also requested the board obtain handbooks for the school’s key scan system, cameras, light systems, sound systems and the ice melt system.

According to Hince, the school’s roofing contractor contacted the county last week about water issues in the school.

Hince said much of the reported issues from roof leakage actually resulted from condensation with the air conditioning.