Help Is Needed For Food Giveaway

Between 20-30 volunteers are needed to help distribute Thanksgiving food baskets today at the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple, according to the Rev. Darrell Cummings.

“We’re halfway there,” he said.

Those interested in volunteering should arrive at the Youth Center next door to the church at 330 N. Main St. by 9 a.m., or contact the church at 304-233-8899. Cummings also asks that those volunteering not be among those also coming for food baskets.

Distribution of food baskets begins at 10 a.m. and continues on a first come, first served basis until all have been distributed – which should be by noon, according to Cummings.

He expects the church to give away 300 to 400 food baskets containing items such as turkeys, canned goods and bakery items.

“Anyone who shows up and says they need it can have a basket – we’re trusting their conscience,” Cummings said. “We know there are people who work every day and still do not have enough to live on. Then there are others who don’t work. Whether they are the working poor or the unemployed poor, our goal is to help everyone have a good Thanksgiving.”

After Thanksgiving, Cummings said church members will go right to work preparing to provide food and toys to families for Christmas.

The church typically serves about 500 families each year, but is facing some challenges – including the disappearance of the local Toys for Tots program and the lack of a grant members typically used to purchase food for the needy.

“This is the first time we’re doing this without the grant – so we have to work harder to buy food items,” Cummings said. “Even if we have to take out a bank loan, we’ll make it happen. We still have the God we always have had, and he’ll help make a way.”