JMHS Project Services Set for Vote

After several long discussions on updates to the John Marshall High School Renovation Project last month, the Marshall County Board of Education will vote to award a bid to a firm for construction quality assurance testing and inspection services for the project at Tuesday’s 7 p.m. board meeting at Cameron High School.

During a board meeting Oct. 30 with Project Construction Services Inc. and the project architect Silling Associates Inc., board members announced the planned renovations to the high school will be extended over five years, after members were informed HVAC updates to the building would cost an extra $8 million to the project.

In order to pay for the new cost, the board plans to spend $16.8 million in the project’s first year in order to complete the requirements of the West Virginia School Building Authority, which includes renovating the HVAC system, enclosing a walkway between buildings and redesigning the school’s entrance to increase safety. However, Superintendent Michael Hince previously said projects such as renovating the school’s kitchen area and the Performing Arts Building would have to be postponed until money is available.

The board also plans to sell $6.5 million in bank bonds this month to put toward the renovation budget, as part of the board’s agreement with the SBA. Officials with the SBA recently met with the board over concerns that the bonds were not sold in June, according to original agreement. Board members responded the bonds were not sold in June due to an unfavorable bond market and the sale was postponed to November.

Under personnel matters, the board will hear a recommendation to suspend a professional employee for three days without pay.

Also on the agenda, Cameron Elementary and Cameron High School will present the plans of their Local School Improvement Councils during the meeting.