City Council Celebrates the Season

Surrounded by toys, candy and holiday gifts, Benwood City Council held a short council meeting Tuesday to finish out 2013.

The meeting lasted under 13 minutes, and members spent much of the time organizing for Sunday’s Christmas party for children in the city. That event starts at 2 p.m. in the gymnasium at Sts. James and John School.

Council members discussed meeting Thursday afternoon in council chambers – along with their spouses – to fill the gift bags that will be handed out to the children Sunday. The items currently fill the council chamber, even surrounding the desks of council members.

Council passed one ordinance Tuesday night that promoted two members of the Benwood Police Department. Brian Handzus was promoted from lieutenant to captain, raising his salary from $17.75 an hour to $20 an hour. Luke Thomas, meanwhile, was promoted from corporal to sergeant – a move that bumped his pay from $17.25 an hour to $18 an hour.

A second ordinance pertaining to the adoption of state building codes was tabled at the request of City Solicitor Eric Gordon, who said a notice of the possible change in codes first needed to be published in the newspaper to inform the public.

The next regular meeting of council would coincide with Christmas Eve, and members canceled that meeting. They will next meet on Jan. 14.