Henry Ordered to Avoid Social Media

Corey Marquis Henry will remain free until his Jan. 8 rape trial, but he has been ordered to refrain from using any social media outlets.

Ohio County Circuit Judge David Sims on Thursday denied a motion by Assistant Prosecutor Shawn Turak to revoke Henry’s bond because his sister had used social media to contact the victim.

Sims’ ruling came after the victim’s cousin testified that Henry’s sister twice attempted to contact him in social media and she also posted negative comments about the alleged victim.

The judge said he could find no direct link to Henry being involved with the social media contact.

“You are getting very close to the edge here,” Sims told Henry. “I am not going to revoke your bond but I strongly urge you, your friends and family members to stay off social media. It is a bad idea.”

Defense attorney Michael Alberty told Sims he would instruct his client and family members to stay off of social media and to have no contact with the alleged victim.

An Ohio County grand jury indicted Henry, 29, of Wheeling on Sept. 9 on charges of abduction with intent to defile and second-degree sexual assault. Warrants for his arrest were issued the following day.

Wheeling police served those warrants on Henry when he turned himself in at headquarters Sept. 16.

Officers transported him to Moundsville and booked him into the Northern Regional Jail, where he posted bond and was released.

The complaint alleges he abducted a woman from a bar last year and transported her to an Elm Grove residence where he sexually assaulted her. Police said Henry and the alleged victim, a 32-year-old Wheeling woman, were at the same bar on Oct. 5 and left the bar in separate vehicles.

Later that night, Henry and the woman were at a second bar at the same time. Police alleged Henry abducted the woman from that bar, and took her to an Elm Grove home, where he sexually assaulted her. Neither the woman nor Henry lived at that residence.

On Oct. 8, the woman reported the alleged crime to police and told investigators she awoke the morning and Henry told her they had engaged in sexual acts. She claimed she did not remember what happened the night before.

According to court filings from the Ohio County Prosecutor Scott Smith’s office, there was a “lack of consent resulting from victim’s physical helplessness.”