Paree Faces New Sentence After Parole

Joseph Paree will begin serving a one-to-three year sentence when he is released from prison on a previous conviction.

Paree, 24, of Eoff St., Wheeling, pleaded guilty to one count of domestic battery and one count of attempted subornation of perjury.

Ohio County Circuit Judge David Sims accepted a joint recommendation by Paree’s attorney, Justin Hershberger and Assistant Ohio County Prosecutor Michael Olejasz. Sims sentenced Paree to a one year suspended sentence for domestic battery and one-to-three years for trying to force his wife to lie in court about a previous drug charge.

Olejasz said an Ohio County grand jury indicted Paree on two drug charges, but a superceding indictment was returned against him with the original charges and the new charges.

Paree and his wife were arrested for attempting to sell their child’s prescription drugs.

A grand jury indicted them for delivery of a Schedule II controlled substance and conspiracy to deliver that drug.

In addition to those charges, Paree agreed to plead guilty to a domestic battery first offense charge currently pending in Ohio County Magistrate Court.

Attorneys recommended Paree be sentenced to 30 days in jail for the domestic battery count, with credit for time served, to be served concurrently with a sentence on the attempt to suborn perjury count of 1-3 years. That sentence was suspended for supervised probation while in Drug Treatment Court.

Hershberger told the Sims that imposition of the new sentences may be delayed while he negotiates with the West Virginia Parole Board concerning his client’s release on parole from a previous conviction. He said Paree should have been paroled earlier, but the process stalled when the new charges surfaced.