School District’s Snow Plan Eyed

Ohio County Schools Superintendent Dianna Vargo said her decision on whether or not to postpone or cancel school on wintry mornings is based on road conditions at 5 a.m.

On Tuesday, a snow fall later in the morning caused difficulties for buses during their morning commutes, resulting in three accidents – none of which had any injuries, Vargo confirmed.

She defended her decision to not cancel or postpone school Tuesday, explaining there was no snow or ice on the roads when the buses were to start out.

“If there is to be a two hour delay, we make that call as close to 5 a.m. as possible,” Vargo said. “If we have a delay and need to go on to a cancellation, we make that decision by 7 a.m. or as close as possible.”

If school officials can determine the night before conditions for buses will be unsafe in the morning, they call for a delay or cancel school, according to Vargo.

“On Tuesday, by 5 a.m., there was no snow accumulation,” she said. “The buses went out, and then it started to snow. The focus then was on getting students to school.”

The first accident occurred on GC&P Road and Deans Hill, while the second occurred on Dement Road. Students were on the bus at the time, but there were no reported injuries, according to Vargo. Both buses were able to make their evening runs.

The third accident occurred on Cherry Hill Road. Though there were no students on board, the bus did sustain damage and is now not in use, she said. The condition of the bus and when it will again be operable is still being determined.

Vargo said a team of school officials meet at 4:30 a.m. on wintry mornings to make the determination on whether a delay or cancellation of school is warranted. The team includes Vargo, Assistant Superintendent Bernie Dolan, Transportation Director David Ziegler and Facility and Maintenance Director Jeff Turner.