Behrens Faces Two Years In Prison for Courtroom Antics

Michael Behrens’ outburst during his brother’s sentencing hearing in federal court earlier this month could land him in prison for the next two years.

A jury convicted Behrens, 43, of Triadelphia on misdemeanor counts of obstructing and resisting an officer following a one-day trial before U.S. District Court Judge John Preston Bailey in Wheeling.

Prior to the Jan. 9 reading of the verdict in the criminal trial of Behrens’ brother, Brian Behrens, Judge Frederick P. Stamp Jr. advised all spectators to keep their comments and emotions to themselves upon hearing the verdict. Stamp sentenced Brian Behrens to two years and three months in prison followed by three years of supervised release for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

That prompted his brother, Michael Behrens, to stand up and kick the bench in front of him, make a vulgar verbal outburst and exit the courtroom by throwing open a door.

Deputy U.S. marshals ran after Behrens and ordered him to stop in the lobby of the Federal Building. When they told him the judge wanted him back in the courtroom, he refused and said that he was leaving.

Deputies were escorting him back through the lobby when he pulled away and a struggle ensued. Michael Behrens forcibly resisted the deputies and ignored their verbal commands. With the assistance of a court security officer, Behrens was restrained and taken to a holding cell before being taken to Stamp’s courtroom.

Michael Behrens, who is free on bond pending sentencing, faces up to one year in prison on each count.