City Elections Set for May 13

Voters in four Marshall County municipalities will be going to the polls May 13 to elect city officials.

However, in Benwood and Glen Dale, there will be no official contests, as the individuals whose terms expire June 30 were the only ones to file.

In Benwood four council seats and that of the police chief will be unopposed. The incumbents filing for council include Curtis Mele, first ward; Larry Ferrera III, second ward; Walter Yates, third ward; and Bob Rose, fourth ward. All seats come with four year terms.

Running unopposed for police chief is Frank Longwell. The police chief’s term is four years.

In Glen Dale, Mayor David W. Blazer will be running unopposed for that office. Incumbent council members Lewis Richmond and Elliott Grisell were the only people filing for their respective races. All positions carry four year terms. Additionally, Glen Dale Recorder Gerald Trembush is running unopposed for a two year term.

In Cameron, Mayor Julie Beresford – who ran as a write-in two years ago – is also running unopposed.

However, voters in Cameron will have a decision to make regarding members of city council. One individual will be chosen from each ward, where those filing include:

  • Incumbent Walter Guzek Jr., Mary Leichter and Brian Marling in the first ward.
  • Incumbent Jack Hart Sr., Joan Gardner and Sherry Johnson in the second ward.
  • Incumbent Helen McMasters and Greg Galentine in the third ward.

In McMechen, voters will be electing a new mayor as current Mayor Michael Gracik is not seeking re-election.

There will be two people from which to choose, including Gregg Wolfe, a current council member from the second ward, and Josephine (Jo Marie) Mackin, a former council member.

Six council members will be elected in McMechen, with two from each ward. Candidates include:

  • Incumbent Nancy Boreman, Aaron Kwiatkoski, Courtney Keller, Mike Mamula, Karen Phipps and Tim Smith in the first ward.
  • David Goddard, Beth Martin and John McCombs Jr. in the second ward.
  • Incumbent Alice Hill, incumbent Pat Wilson and Kevin Bratton in the third ward.

The terms of the mayor and council are all for four years.