Municipal Election Deadline Is Today

Those seeking election to city office in Benwood must file at the city building today or mail their application no later than Saturday.

Benwood will host a municipal election May 13, which is also primary election day in the state. A member of council will be elected in each of the four wards in the city, as will a chief of police.

There is a $75 fee to file for chief of police and a $35 fee for city council candidates. Elected council members receive $140 a month compensation, while the police chief’s annual salary is set at $45,900, according to City Clerk Judy Hunt.

Council seats on the ballot this year are the ones currently occupied by Curtis Mele, 1st Ward; Larry Ferrera III, 2nd Ward; Walter Yates, 3rd Ward; and Robert Rose, 4th Ward. Eligible candidates must be at least 18-years-old, have no criminal record and be a resident of the city.

The Benwood City Building will be open until 5 p.m. today to accept candidate filings. Mailed filing will be accepted so long as they are postmarked before Jan. 25.