Vanscyoc Arrested for Burglary

Hunter William Vanscyoc is being held at Northern Regional Jail on $10,000 bond after allegedly entering an apartment and stealing several valuable items to sell.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Moundsville Police Department, Vanscyoc, 23, of 13 Simpson Ave., Moundsville, was charged with burglary and receiving or transferring stolen goods.

The complaint states Vanscyoc entered an apartment on Washington Ave. on Dec. 5, possibly through a window after palm prints were discovered on the lower corner of three windows.

The apartment’s residents reported missing rings, cellphones, Under Armour clothes, a portable DVD player and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The complaint states two residents in an apartment above knocked on the apartment’s door at about 5:45 p.m. after hearing noises and discovered Vanscyoc in the residence. The residents said Vanscyoc told them he was picking up clothes for his child.

The residents later checked the apartment after notifying the resident and discovered cellphones and rings were missing.

The victim later told officers he thought his phone had been sold to Vanscyoc’s next door neighbor. In the complaint, Vanscyoc’s neighbor stated Vanscyoc gave him a Straight Talk phone and had a Galaxy Note 3, a Galaxy S4 and some rings in his possession. The neighbor said Vanscyoc attempted to trade some of the items with him for a pair of headphones.

Officers later discovered the serial number of the phone obtained from the the neighbor matched that of the victim’s missing cellphone.

The neighbor also reported he saw the same items reported missing in the Washington Avenue apartment in Vanscyoc’s residence.

A preliminary hearing for Vanscyoc was not set as of Thursday.