Anderson’s Healthy Pet Depot Offers Home Delivery

WHEELING – A new Wheeling business brings specialized pet food right to the dog’s house.

Anderson’s Healthy Pet Depot starts this week, delivering food and pet supplies to owners’ homes and catering to those pets with special dietary needs. The business is operated by husband and wife Wheeling police officers, Mike and Nikki Anderson. Items now can be purchased by phone order or e-mail, and a website store goes on-line April 1.

Nikki Anderson said her research into pet foods began after her black lab, Samson, was determined by his veterinarian to have a wheat allergy, and to be allergic to the red dye often found in grocery store pet foods.

The allergies actually caused him to eat fur on his legs, and the change in dog food has changed his condition.

The Andersons began buying wheat-free and dye-free pet food for their dogs, but found such products weren’t offered locally. She said she had to travel to the Pittsburgh area to purchase specialized dog food, or buy it online. It usually was about a week before the purchases on the Internet were delivered, she said. Anderson also realized it was difficult for many people to pick up and handle large 30-pound bags of dog food themselves.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy the dog food and someone would bring it right to you and carry it in,” she said.

The Andersons work opposite shifts as police officers, and one will be available to make deliveries, according to Nikki Anderson.

All the food being sold through Anderson’s Health Pet Depot contains no corn, soy or wheat. She said the food is actually more economical, as pet owners typically can feed their pets less.

Anderson’s Health Pet Depot also offers pet food free of grains such as rice, barley and corn.

This diet is good for active and overweight pets, and closely mimics what they would eat in the wild, Nikki Anderson said.

Also available from Anderson’s are American-made treats, toys, nutritional supplements, kitty litter, grooming supplies and pet-related household cleaning supplies. Brands offered include Fromm, Orijen, Acana, Precise, Honest Kitchen, Primal Weruva, Wholesome Hide, Prairie Dog Antlers, Cloud Star, World’s Best Cat Litter and Nature’s Miracle.

The products can be ordered by calling the Andersons at 304-282-6484, or by e-mail at

The upcoming on-line store will be located at: