Crews Moving as Quickly As Possible to Clean Snow, Ice

Business owners and residents in Moundsville are unhappy with what they believe is a lack of attention to the removal of snow and ice from streets and parking spaces in the city.

One business owner, who asked not to be named, said she was concerned for the elderly patrons trying to exit their vehicles. The icy parking spaces on the avenue were making getting in and out of cars treacherous. She said she helped one elderly woman exit her car and cross the street safely.

City Manager Deanna Hess said city street crews are working as quickly as possible to remove ice and snow left over from the latest winter storms. She said business owners who want to have the ice removed from parking spaces in front of their store fronts in the historic business district on Jefferson Avenue should call the city building at 304-845-3394 and ask to speak with her.

“We’re working on it now – we’ve been working on it,” Hess said of ice removal. “We will do whatever we can. … If a business calls we will be there as soon as we can. If there are no cars parked there, we can get to them – otherwise we have to go around them. If we located the person parked there we can try to get them moved and clean the space.”

Hess said when she receives a call for service she relays the message to Public Works Director Jim Richmond.

Richmond said his crew of 10 employees are working hard to clear the ice and snow, but parked cars often get in the way.

City workers on Friday could be seen spreading salt on Jefferson Avenue to soften up ice covering on-street parking spaces. A large backhoe was then being used to scrape up the ice.

“We had guys work over again (Thursday) night,” Hess said. “So far, we’ve tried to get city parking lots cleared. We had to wait until people were out of there. … We’re moving as fast as we can. Hopefully we won’t have snow over the weekend, just a light dusting.”

And while residents and businesses pay a municipal fee, Hess said that covers maintenance and construction of roads and lighting, not ice and snow removal.

Richmond said his workers also are helping people remove snow and ice from the entrance of their driveways that was pushed onto them when city crews were plowing.

“We’ve had two crews out 24/7 the last three days. … We have always tried to remove the ice on Jefferson Avenue,” Richmond said. “We try honestly keep it clean for the businesses.”