Former Elks Lodge Remembered on Holiday

While many took the chance Monday to enjoy the day off from work and school, members of the Moundsville community worked to educate others on the importance of patriotism and the history of Presidents Day.

An Americanism display, which included American flags and a picture of President Abraham Lincoln, was set up Monday at the Main Street Bank in Moundsville by Wheeling Elks Lodge No. 28 Americanism Chairman Pat Duffy and committee member Rosalie Kimball. The two were present in the bank lobby to answer any questions about Americanism.

“On Presidents Day and other patriotic days, we set up displays in banks and businesses,” Duffy said. “We decided to come to Moundsville today since there is no longer an Elks Lodge here, and in addition to having an opportunity to answer questions to individuals pertaining to Americanism, it enabled the Wheeling Lodge to express its appreciation to former Elks Lodge No. 282 members for their involvement in promoting Americanism.”

In past years, the Moundsville Elks Lodge took part in numerous patriotic events, including a parade on Flag Day with the late Tom Carpenter dressed as Uncle Sam.

“Elks Lodge No. 28 is proud to have the opportunity to provide Americanism to schools, fraternal organizations, nursing facilities and others,” Duffy said.