Hogle Gets 2-10 Years for Breaking Son’s Leg During Fight With Girlfriend

Ohio County Circuit Judge James Mazzone on Tuesday sentenced Travis Hogle to 2-10 years in prison for breaking his son’s leg during an argument with the child’s mother.

Hogle pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse with serious bodily injury. He had originally been charged with three counts of the same crime, which could have resulted in a 6-30 sentence.

According to court documents, Hogle and the child’s mother had been arguing at their residence on Peter’s Run Road at 3 a.m. April 4. The pair separated, with Hogle in the living room while the mother remained in the bedroom with their son, who was in his crib. The child had been crying. When Hogle walked into the bedroom to check on the crying baby, he found the girlfriend sitting on the bed talking on the telephone.

Hogle then grabbed the baby by the ankle and flipped him onto his stomach. The boy reportedly cried for a little while longer before falling asleep. The child was hospitalized with a fractured leg, and Hogle told authorities he did not realize at the time that he had injured his son. He admitted that he was still angry from the argument with his girlfriend when he grabbed the boy by his ankle.

“I used excessive force when I flipped him over,” Hogle told the deputy.

In addition to the jail time, Mazzone imposed a $1,000 fine and ordered Hogle to serve one year of supervised release upon his discharge from prison and that he register with the West Virginia State Police Child Abuse and Neglect Registry.

Mazzone also ordered Hogle to not visit with or stay in the same house where a child lives during his one year of supervised release.