Landfill Wants Capacity Increase

Keith Koebley hopes Ohio County voters allow the 400-acre Short Creek Landfill to accept more garbage, a move that would help ensure the facility’s life for another 27 years.

Koebley, general manager of Republic Services, told Ohio County Commissioners Randy Wharton, Tim McCormick and Orphy Klempa if the referendum is approved during the May 13 election, the landfill will be allowed to take 50,000 tons of garbage a month.

“Right now we’re at 30,000 tons per month,” Koebley said. “We believe it will service the community well. The taxes generated for Ohio County on the additional 20,000 tons is approximately $10,000 a month.”

Commissioners approved placing the landfill referendum on the county ballot. Other issues also approved for the ballot included the city of Wheeling’s and village of Bethlehem’s bus levies and the village of Clearview Council election.

“We’re good neighbors. We’re compliant and we’ve had no odor issues,” Koebley said.

Wharton said he has never heard a complaint about the landfill in his years as a commissioner.

Koebley said the landfill has come close to its capacity in the past. If it appears it will reach its maximum, the company can divert garbage to another landfill it owns in Imperial, Pa. In addition to local garbage, the Short Creek landfill also takes garbage from Morgantown, he said. He attributed the increased need for capacity to the county’s growth in general.

“There’s more people and more garbage,” Koebley said, referring to the number of oil and gas workers living in the area.

In other matters, the commission approved two hotel-motel tax fund requests: $2,000 for the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley’s transportation funding, and $3,000 to the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic.

The commission also approved using the IRS mileage rate, which has been reduced from 56.5 cents per mile to 56 cents per mile. Also, commissioners will draw for May 13 ballot position at 9 a.m. Feb. 18 in the commission board room.