Permits Available for Elm Run Cleanup

Elm Street residents may get their chance to clean out a creek that has overflowed its banks multiple times, most recently last week.

A week ago, Jane Nau and Bruce Kiger watched as a usually dry Elm Run ran over its banks and across a sidewalk. A couple years ago, the stream flooded a portion of the street, forcing its closure.

In the past, residents said they sought city help for cleaning out the stream, but were told it was a private property matter.

Wheeling Public Works Director Russell Jebbia looked into the matter and discovered the residents may secure a permit from the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources to the have work done themselves. Jebbia said Thursday the residents each could send in an application to the DNR describing their plans to remove sedimentation in the stream.

“They can get the permit online … and in five to seven days it will be approved,” Jebbia said. “The permit is good for 10-25 years and there is no fee involved.”

Jebbia said since Elm Run is a smaller stream, it appears it is much easier to secure a permit. The work can only be done between April and June.

“That’s fish spawning season. Even though there’s no fish in the stream, there may be minnows. That’s the requirements they have,” he said. “Once they remove the sediment the flow will stay in retaining walls that were built. … They could shovel it, but that would take forever. A contractor can probably knock it out in a day or two.”