Stepdad Charged With Giving Kids Marijuana, Says ‘It’s Good for You’

Staff WriterThomas David Conaway Jr. of Cameron was arrested Friday for allegedly providing marijuana to his stepchildren, reportedly telling them it was “good for you.”

Conaway, 40, was charged with child neglect creating risk of injury and contributing to the delinquency of a child.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Marshall County Deputy Joseph Hooker, law enforcement was notified by the children’s stepmother Feb. 19 that Conaway had allegedly been smoking marijuana with her stepchildren. The mother stated she believed Conaway had supplied and was smoking marijuana with her stepdaughter based on Facebook messages she had seen. When the stepmother spoke to the girl about her suspicions, the girl allegedly admitted she had smoked a “green substance” on two occasions with her brother and Conaway.

The stepdaughter reportedly told deputies she had smoked the substance about a month ago in her bedroom at Conaway’s home when he showed her a sandwich bag of the substance and asked if she wanted to try it. The girl stated she refused, but Conaway allegedly replied it was “good for you” and she decided to try it.

The girl then allegedly watched Conaway remove the green substance and roll it into the form of a cigarette. She said the two passed the joint back and forth until it was finished. She then stated she smoked the substance with Conaway for a second time about two weeks ago with a glass bowl in Conaway’s living room.

Bond for Conaway was set at $5,000. A preliminary hearing is set for 2 p.m. March 5.