Woman Charged With Obstruction for Lying About Car Crash

Wheeling police charged Ebony Miranda Webb with obstruction Monday after she allegedly told police she was the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident-and asked the other driver to corroborate her story.

At 5:50 p.m. Monday, Officer Rob Safreed responded to the area of Fifth Street to investigate a vehicle crash.

A criminal complaint states that upon arrival at the crash scene, Safreed spoke with the driver of one of the vehicles involved, Brittany McCullough, who said the other driver was a black male who walked away from the scene.

“McCullough told (Safreed) that she was approached by Webb, who arrived after the crash in another vehicle and asked McCullough to lie to police and say that she (Webb) was driving the second vehicle,” the complaint states.

According to the complaint, Webb told police she was the other driver and she presented her driver’s license and insurance information.

Sgt. Greg McKenzie said Webb also told police the driver of the second vehicle was a passenger in the car, but was not behind the wheel.

According to McKenzie, police are familiar with the vehicle involved in the crash and with the person known to drive it.

“His license is suspended for multiple unpaid violations,” McKenzie said. “He left the scene prior to officers arriving.”

Ohio County Magistrate Patty Murphy set Webb’s bond at $1,000.