For Vocelli’s, Success Never Tasted So Good

Success never tasted so good.

Varol Ablak, founder and CEO of Vocelli Pizza, rewarded long-term service employees at the Wheeling and Moundsville store locations during a visit last week to the Vocelli Pizza in Moundsville.

Award recipients from the Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling included managers Crystal Smith and Shawn Watson. Managers Greg Trax and Wesley Yoho and drivers Donald Anderson and Chris Keyser were presented with the long-term service award for the Vocelli Pizza in Moundsville.

“Normally, the CEO doesn’t come to this kind of stuff,” said Latif Arin, owner of Vocelli Pizza in Moundsville, adding that he and his employees were very honored to be recognized for their efforts.

The Wheeling and Moundsville locations are the highest-sale stores for the company, according to Arin. Vocelli Pizza in Moundsville won the highest annual sale store award in both 2012 and 2013. The Wheeling location was in the top-five stores for the past two years.

“I love to hear from my employees,” Arin said about the importance of maintaining good communication throughout the business, adding his employees will continue to exhibit high standards of service because they have witnessed the results of such work.

Veli Dolu, owner of Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling, said the company CEO offered his appreciation for the stores’ efforts and wanted to visit so that he could learn about the locations’ business approaches and share such lessons with other franchises. He said the secret to the success if good food, good teamwork and “making the customer happy.”