Hartley Faces Multiple Charges in Alleged Attack

Russell Dwain Hartley II, 30, of Wheeling was arrested last week for allegedly sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend and later threatening to kill her.

Hartley was charged two counts of domestic battery third offense, two counts of domestic assault, unlawful restraint, sexual assault in the second degree and sexual abuse in the first degree. Bond was set at $500,000.

According to the criminal complaint against Hartley, on Feb. 25 the alleged victim reported to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department that Hartley had hit her and sexually assaulted her at his house.

In a reported incident Feb. 8, the alleged victim said she attempted to leave Hartley’s home after she refused him when he “begged” her to have sexual intercourse with him. The alleged victim said Hartley then grabbed her by both arms and threw her into the wall and attempted to sexually assault her. Hartley then allegedly threatened to “punch her in the face” if the victim woke up his parents.

The victim also reported a separate incident Feb. 22 when Hartley talked the victim into staying at his residence. The alleged victim said when she told Hartley she wanted to stay at a friend’s house, he said he would “beat (her) friend’s brains with a baseball bat.”

The victim said she was sleeping on Hartley’s couch when Hartley began yelling at her.

The victim allegedly tried to leave, but Hartley grabbed her and threw her down on a recliner several times. The victim attempted to call 911, when Hartley grabbed her phone from her.

The victim then left the residence and was digging through her purse for her cellphone to call police, when Hartley “charged” at her saying, “go ahead and call the police, because I will make it to you before the police get here.” Hartley then allegedly said he would run away and kill the victim if she contacted the police.

A preliminary hearing for Hartley is set for March 10.