Husband, Wife Jailed in Alleged Theft of Jewelry

Ohio County Judge James Mazzone on Friday sentenced Ronald and Valerie Williams to jail in separate cases involving the theft of rings from a private residence.

Ronald Williams, 35, of Wellsburg pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy during a morning hearing and Valerie Williams admitted to violating house arrests rules.

After presenting a joint recommendation from Assistant Prosecutor Shawn Turak and Assistant Public Defender Keith Hart calling for a sentence of one-to-five years on home confinement, Hart said Williams did not have a home to live in, so home confinement would not be possible.

In lieu of home confinement, Williams was sentenced to one-to-five years in prison with an option to file for a reduced sentence after serving 90 days.

Turak told the court the January grand jury indicted Ronald Williams on one count of receiving stolen property and one count of conspiracy. She she said the charges stem from a Sept. 2012 theft in which Valerie Williams stole rings from a home and then met her husband at a different location and gave him the rings to sell at a pawn shop.

On June 26, 2013, Valerie Williams pleaded guilty to theft charges for her part in the case. She admitted that while employed by a house cleaning service, she stole the rings so they could be sold to provide money to buy drugs.

Turak said the rings were recovered at an Ohio pawn shop and returned to the owner.

Mazzone said he could not sentence Ronald Williams to home confinement since he had no place to live.

Later in the day, Valerie Williams appeared before Mazzone for a home confinement revocation hearing.

She had previously been sentenced to prison for one-to-five years, with that sentence suspended in favor of home confinement provided she did not have contact with her husband or be involved with drugs.

Turak said, “she allowed her husband back into the home and they did drugs together.”

Mazzone revoked the house arrest and ordered Valerie Williams to serve 30 days in jail before returning to house arrest with a condition that she have no contact with her husband or be involved with drugs.