Pet Shop Owner Found Guilty Of Failing to Provide Treatment

The owner of the former Pet Stop, Pet Shop pleaded guilty this week to animal cruelty for failing to provide medical treatment for three puppies with parvovirus sold in December.

Tammy Sue Conrad, 40, of Alledonia, Ohio will pay a $300 fine and is restricted from owning animals for the next five years. Marshall County Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Canestraro said the sentence is the maximum amount of time to impose for the offense.

“Our goal was that she could not own animals for the maximum amount of time,” Canestraro said. “Her lawyer let the court know she has personal dogs that are going to other people.”

Canestraro said the only way Conrad could have been charged with a felony offense for animal cruelty would be if she had an intent to kill or torture the animals.

According to Canestraro, some of the victims who bought puppies from Conrad are considering filing civil cases against her, especially since a guilty plea will make it easier to prove a case.

According to the original criminal complaint, three puppies were purchased from Conrad’s shop in December and later contracted parvovirus and died. One customer received a refund after bringing a Chihuahua puppy back, but according to the complaint, Conrad failed to give that puppy the necessary medical treatment after it came back to the store.

In addition, two other customers reported accruing expensive veterinary bills after getting their puppies treated several days after they were purchased.

The Pet Stop, Pet Shop was a separate business from Tammie’s Groom Room, which shared a space with Conrad’s store.

That store continues to operate in the space, and has been involved in no incidents, officials said.