AEP to Use Helicopters To Spray Herbicides Near Lines

WHEELING – Beginning on or about June 1, American Electric Power, will maintain rights of way for its power lines in Brooke, Hancock, Ohio and Marshall counties in West Virginia by applying herbicides by helicopter.

Customers with questions about the company’s aerial maintenance program may call 740-266-3091 or 800-642-3622 for information. Customers also may write for information at AEP, 120 John Scott Highway, Steubenville, OH 43952.

Herbicides used by AEP have been registered for use on rights of way by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the West Virginia Department of Agriculture (WVDoA). Herbicides to be used are 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, glyphosate, imazapyr, metsulfuron methyl, fosamine, triclopyr and picloram. Each has been extensively tested by the manufacturer, colleges and governmental and independent research laboratories.

Residents who have questions about the program or who want to alert the company to the location of sensitive areas near power lines, such as springs, wells, streams, lakes, ponds, orchards, crop areas, gardens, pastures, meadows, year-round dwellings, public recreation areas and Christmas tree plantations, should also contact the company. To prevent any misunderstanding about the location of the sensitive areas being reported, the number of the nearest pole or tower should be provided. Numbers are posted on utility poles and on one leg of utility towers.

After the maintenance program begins, a 24-hour telephone service at the above number will provide information daily on locations scheduled for maintenance.

Complaints about possible damage resulting from herbicide applications should be made by contacting AEP at its toll-free number or the above addresses. Complaints also may be directed to the WVDoA, Pesticide Regulatory Programs Unit, which can be reached in Charleston at 304-558-2209.

Lines scheduled for maintenance in West Virginia include:


Tidd-Natrium – A Transmission line on steel towers starting at Tidd power plant in Brilliant, Ohio and running east before turning south and ending at Natrium substation in Natrium W.Va. This line crosses Route 88 near West Liberty, Route 70 near the Highlands and Route 88 near Sherrard.


Kammer-Ft. Martin – A transmission line on steel towers starting at Kammer power plant near Cresap and running east to the Pennsylvania state line. This line crosses U.S. 250 south of Cameron.


Arroyo-East Liverpool – A transmission line on wood poles starting at First Energy’s Arroyo station on race track road near New Cumberland, and running northeast to the East Liverpool substation on Route 39 at the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. This line crosses Route 30 east of Chester.