County Welcomes New Development

Belmont County Commissioners said business is about to pick up in the county.

During their Wednesday meeting, the commission voted to advise the Ohio Division of Liquor Control there is no request for a hearing for a new liquor license for Chipotle Mexican Grill on Mall Ring Road.

This is for D3 permit spirituous liquor for on-premises consumption until 1 a.m.

“We see that they’ve applied for their liquor permit,” Commission President Matt Coffland said, adding that although the restaurant has not yet signed a lease with the Cafaro Company, the commissioners assume the process is underway. “We’re very excited. It’s probably one of the most asked restaurants to the commissioners.”

He added that the commissioners frequently put the word out and ask businesses to consider their area.

“We work very close with our businesses in Belmont County,” he said.

Commissioner Mark Thomas said commissioners expect the restaurant to be open this year. They will probably use an existing building.

Also, the commission did not request a liquor license transfer for the new Sheetz Convenience Store, 68500 Addie Way, St. Clairsville. Commissioners discussed increasing activity on the Kettler’s Ridge development, where that store will be located.

“There has been a lot of development that has taken place over the winter, regardless of the weather, which has been challenging for all developers,” Thomas said. “They’re making great progress in leveling the land, if you will, that abuts U.S. 40.”

He added the changes may be difficult to pinpoint with the naked eye, but it is evident from the west or north end. Workers will move electric transmission lines in the spring.