Man Charged With Assault on Officer

Willard Wilson Nettles, 49, of Moundsville was charged Monday with assault on a police officer and three counts of domestic battery for allegedly attacking two children, his wife and police officers in his home.

Officers used a stun gun on Nettles to subdue him after he became belligerent and tried to punch an officer, according to the criminal complaint filed.

The report states officers were dispatched at about 12:30 a.m. Monday to Nettles’ home at 47 Seventh St. and met Nettles’ wife on the front porch. She reportedly told officers Nettles hit two children, both about 10 years old, in the house with a coat hanger and then tried to burn both of the children with a cigarette lighter.

When his wife tried to confront him, Nettles allegedly grabbed her by the throat and started to choke her. The report states an officer went into the house to talk to Nettles, but Nettles ordered the officer to leave the house. After being questioned again, Nettles allegedly jumped out of bed, ran to the officer and tried to punch him.

The officer reportedly took Nettles down to the floor and told him to calm down. The officer then used pepper spray on Nettles, but if failed to subdue him. Nettles was still reportedly yelling and screaming when a second officer arrived and tried to restrain him. Officers then used a Taser on Nettles with little effect.

According to the report, Nettles was restrained and taken to Reynolds Memorial Hospital before being sent to the Northern Regional Jail.