Shooter Arrested After Firing in Parking Lot

Ohio County sheriff’s deputies arrested James Michael Crumpler early Tuesday after he allegedly fired three shots from a 9mm handgun in the parking lot of Jill Lounge near Dallas Pike.

Crumpler, 33, of Woodsfield is facing two counts of wanton endangerment with a firearm.

A sheriff’s department report says deputies responded to a 3:10 a.m. call regarding shots fired in the parking lot at Jill’s Lounge. Upon arrival, they learned the alleged shooter had fled in a pickup truck and headed toward Interstate 70.

A Bethlehem police officer initiated a traffic stop on westbound Interstate 470 near W.Va. 2.

According to the report, Crumpler said he had fired she shots in the direction of several Jill’s Lounge employees after being kicked out of the establishment.

“Mr. Crumpler stated they were disrespecting him and he felt threatened and was not going to take their disrespect from young punks,” the report states. “Mr. Crumpler stated he was a veteran and fought for his country.”

The report states Crumpler fired three shots from his vehicle, placing three employees in fear for their safety. A search of Crumpler’s vehicle revealed the handgun with a shell still in the chamber, spent shell casings and an extra clip on the front seat.

Crumpler was held in the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville until being arraigned Tuesday by Ohio County Magistrate Patty Murphy.