Three Nabbed In Home Burglary

Three Marshall County residents have been arrested for allegedly breaking into a home on Walnut Grove Road last week and stealing electronics, tools and more than $200 in cash.

Billy Joe Vanscyoc, 42, of 1108 Second St., Moundsville, Cruz James Gellner, 22, of 1605 Center St., Moundsville, and Joseph Lee Wells, 26, of 1314 Marshall St., Benwood, were all charged with nighttime burglary. Bond was set at $10,000 each for Vanscyoc and Wells and $7,500 for Gellner.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, the alleged victim, Chester Giza, woke up on April 14 to find his home at 1501 Walnut Grove Road had been ransacked while he was sleeping. Giza reported a television, speaker, laptop computer, more than $200 in cash from a wallet and file cabinet and a checkbook were missing when he called law enforcement that morning.

Sheriff’s deputies reported to the scene and also found a window in the basement was broken while searching the house.

The next day, the Moundsville Police Department conducted a search of 212 Tomlinson Ave. based on information given by two informants and found a few items Giza had reported stolen. In a police interview, Vanscyoc claimed Wells and Gellner were the ones who had brought the items and the money to the Tomlinson Avenue residence.

Vanscyoc also reported the three had talked about plans to break into Giza’s house on the night of the burglary.

The complaint states Vanscyoc told police Wells picked up Gellner in a blue Chevy Corsica and left the house around 11 p.m. that night. He said the two did not return until the following day and brought back a television, chainsaws, a sander and laptops to the house. Gellner and Wells allegedly told Vanscyoc the items had come from Giza’s house.

Wells also reportedly cut his right arm breaking the house’s basement window. Detectives then checked Wells’ arm and found a fresh cut, the complaint states.

Preliminary hearings for Wells and Vanscyoc were set for 3 p.m. April 29 and 2 p.m. May 7, respectively. A preliminary hearing was not set for Gellner as of Monday.