Video Helps Theft Arrest

A video showing a Moundsville man rapping posted on a social media website is one of several clues that led to his arrest on burglary charges.

David Allen Garrison, 20, of 22 Oak Ave. was arrested Tuesday for allegedly stealing jewelry and cash from a home on Linden Avenue.

Garrison was charged after being identified in a surveillance video from Kroger in Moundsville in which he and another man are shown putting more than $1,000 in change in the store’s Coinstar machine a few days before the burglary was reported. In the surveillance tape, Garrison is wearing the same clothes he wore when he posted a rap video on his Facebook page, which helped lead police to him.

Garrison remains in the Northern Regional Jail pending a $4,000 bond.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Garrison by Sgt. Don DeWitt of the Moundsville Police Department, a woman reported to police on Feb. 19 that when she came home to her residence at 32 Linden Ave. after being away for a few days, she found the glass in the back door had been broken and the house had been ransacked.

She said a stack of purses with money had been disturbed and several coffee cans filled with change were out of place. She later told police she also was missing a stacks of bills from a black purse, medication, jewelry and four coffee cans filled with change.

The complaint states an employee from Kroger reported to police on Feb. 20 that two men had cashed more than $1,000 worth of coins in the store’s Coinstar machine four days earlier. Employees said they found shredded glass in the machine the following day. Store security footage showed two men carrying a large, black bag full of coins, later identified as Garrison and Andrew Burch, no age or address listed. Police were able to identify Garrison through his Facebook profile featuring a rap video of himself wearing the same clothes he was wearing in the surveillance video.

According to the complaint, officers examined the trash outside of Garrison’s residence and found a large amount of jewelry, several cut baggies commonly used for packaging marijuana and other drugs and items identified with Garrison’s name. The victim later identified the jewelry as her own.

In an interview with police, Burch stated Garrison contacted him Feb. 16 asking for a ride to Kroger to cash some change. Burch said he helped carry the purse into the store and saw pieces of glass in the bag.