Wheeling Hospital First Using Cardiac Device

Wheeling Hospital today became the first medical facility in North America to insert a new device to resynchronize heartbeats.

The hospital is participating in a study testing the latest technology to treat heart failure and sudden cardiac arrest.

The Boston Scientific Corp.’s Autogen X4 CRT-D implant is similar to the current bi-polar lead wire, but contains four electrodes instead of two. This provides the physician 17 different ways to stimulate the heart, instead of six.

Cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Maninder Bedi performed the procedure Monday morning in Wheeling Hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

“This new technology means longer lives for heart patients, and a better quality of life,” Bedi said.

“For some people it means going from being out of breath after walking 40 feet to being able to walk a mile. For some people, it means getting to meet their grandchildren.”

The design of the Acuity X4 lead allows physicians to resynchronize a patient’s heartbeats from more optimal locations.

The 17 pacing vector options, it is possible to manage dislodgments of the lead and monitor the heartbeats without additional surgical procedures, drastically reducing the risk to patients.