Assault Suspect Waives Hearing

Pernell Anthony Deck waived a preliminary hearing in Ohio County Magistrate Court on Thursday, sending his malicious assault case to Circuit Court.

Deck appeared before Magistrate Patty Murphy on a Wheeling police accusation that on April 17 he severely beat his longtime girlfriend at the Hildar Apartments.

A police report states officers responded to a 10:46 a.m. call regarding a domestic battery incident that had occurred at an earlier time. Upon arrival, officers determined the victim had significant injuries and required medical attention.

The victim reportedly told police she sustained the injuries several days prior – late April 12 and into early April 13.

The report states the victim displayed full facial bruising and severe swelling to her left jaw and cheek area. She also had large malformation in her right arm, possibly indicating a broken arm.

She told police that she and Deck were inside her residence when she confronted him about a text message he had received. He then allegedly struck her in the face several times and, at some point, she believes she was unconscious.

The victim said she could not remember everything that happened, but stated Pernell’s brother intervened and she thinks that if he had not done so, Pernell would have killed her.

She was taken to Wheeling Hospital for treatment.