Beheaded Tiger Statue Has Fans Growling

Someone has been hunting tigers in Shadyside.

On April 23, it was discovered that the concrete tiger statue at Shadyside High’s Fleming Field had been beheaded. Presumably, the vandal committed the act the previous night.

After Superintendent John Haswell was informed, he made an announcement to students declaring that a reward would be given to anyone with information about the crime or its culprit. Haswell said he had hoped information would eventually come out, given that we live in a social media ruled age. However, no clues have been revealed so far.

Haswell also said a report has been filed with the Shadyside Police Department, and if the culprit is caught he or she will be prosecuted for destruction of property.

The statue was presumably hit with a sledgehammer or similar heavy object, cleanly knocking off the tiger’s head, which was subsequently stolen.

The decapitated statue remains standing beneath the sign at Fleming Field. It was estimated to weigh around 350 pounds, explaining why the vandal chose to destroy rather than steal the figure.

The tiger statue, depicting the animal in a prowling stance, was a gift to the school from Tri-State Petroleum of Warwood. It was initially in rough condition, but thanks to the efforts of Rosie Mendelson it was restored and sat untouched for more than a year.

“Obviously, being the Shadyside Tigers, it was a nice thing,” Haswell said. He added that if the head was returned, the clean break could possibly allow for the tiger to be repaired to its former glory.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Shadyside Police Department at 740-676-4023 or Shadyside High School at 740- 676-3121.