Busy 24 Hours For Police Officers

The arrest of a man suspected of stabbing a Jaycee Manor resident early Wednesday capped a busy 24 hours for Martins Ferry police officers.

Darion Fraizer was arrested by Ohio County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday afternoon after being found in the Ohio County Public Library. He has been transported to the Northern Regional Jail and a expedition hearing will be held today or tomorrow.

Police searched for Fraizer for several hours after responding to the apartment complex early Wednesday for an alleged stabbing incident. The female victim was reportedly stabbed at her residence by Frazier, her ex-boyfriend.

The victim had multiple stab wounds and cuts and was transported to a local hospital. Her condition was not released Thursday.

A separate incident took place at about 9 a.m. Wednesday, when Police Chief John McFarland, along with members of the DEA office from Columbus, officers from Martins Ferry, the Belmont County Drug Task Force and the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department converged on the Martins Ferry Carryout, 114 S. Fourth St. The business was shut down for a period of time while law enforcement officials executed a search warrant as part of a synthetic marijuana investigation. It subsequently opened for business.

“We had enough evidence that this product was being shipped to the carryout here in Martins Ferry,” McFarland said. “As a result, we were able to obtain a search warrant and search the premises. We collected some evidence and all the case information will be turned over to the proper authorities in Denver and here in Ohio. They will decide if, and what, charges will be filed.”

While only a minimal amount of product was recovered, he said agents found what they were seeking.

“We found the evidence that we were looking for to show that shipments were being made to the carryout from Colorado,” he said, citing receipts and invoices as the evidence. Wednesday’s raid brings the number to five in Belmont County.