City Puts Comprehensive Plan Into Action

Members of the city’s Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee received their first homework assignment Wednesday as Mayor Domenick Mucci encouraged the committee to seek more community residents to embrace the comprehensive plan of the future.

“Your assignment is to take a copy of the new comprehensive plan, review the plan, identify what you can assist with and identify other people who can help make the plan a reality,” Urban Projects Director Chris Petrossi told committee members who attended the kickoff meeting. “Get the word out to people in the community. We need to achieve our goals with tangible results and celebrate our successes. Everyone needs to identify what your role can be in the implementation of the plan.”

Mucci said there are 15 community residents who have volunteered to help turn the 130-page document into a plan that is part of all future planning in the city, but others are invited to review and provide input.

“Implementation of the new comprehensive plan won’t happen overnight. This is a blueprint for future economic development in the city. Our goal will be to keep our citizens involved as well as stakeholders in the future of Steubenville,” Mucci said. “The vision of the past three years is really a vision of our citizens. The plan is what our citizens indicated to us what they wanted to see in the document.”

City Manager Tim Boland said he is hopeful the community will achieve a clear vision for the future of Steubenville.

“One of the key reasons why I came to Steubenville was the new comprehensive plan. I was excited and impressed after reading the plan. This comprehensive plan really captures a great deal of potential dealing with the downtown business district, our roadways, the enhancement of our neighborhoods and brings everything together for a first class community. I was extremely impressed by this document,” Boland said. “The comprehensive plan needs to be embraced by the community. It has to be something all community groups embrace and are excited about. I can’t be more excited to be involved with the implementation of this new plan.”

According to Petrossi, a community comprehensive plan is an assessment of a city’s current and projected future problems, trends, resources and opportunities. Comprehensive plans include recommendations for policies and specific activities such as land use, streets and transportation, housing, utilities, public facilities, including parks and schools as well as historic preservation.