Commissioner Plans to Step Down in Fall

Despite suffering serious injuries from falling off a ladder earlier this year, Marshall County Commissioner Brian Schambach returned to action as quickly as possible.

As the commission addresses issues such as the proposed $615 million Moundsville Power LLC deal, Schambach plans to work as hard as he can up until the time of his planned resignation this fall.

“I don’t have a definite date yet, but it will be some time in the fall,” he said of his resignation plans. “If I resign before end of this year, Commissioners (Don) Mason and (Bob) Miller will appoint my successor.”

Schambach previously announced intentions to resign, as he plans to moves out of the county by the end of this year for personal reasons. County voters elected Schambach in 2010 to the open position left by longtime commissioner Howard L. “Biggie” Byard. His term runs through 2016.

All three sitting commissioners are Republicans. Schambach said if for some reason Miller and Mason could not reach an agreement regarding his successor, Republican Party officials would make the decision.

A wildcard in the situation is the fact that Mason decided this year not seek re-election to the position to which voters elected him in 1986. In the Tuesday primary election, Marshall County Democrats chose former state Delegate Scott Varner as their nominee for commissioner in the November general election. Moundsville resident Fred Brunner will represent the Republicans in the race to fill Mason’s seat.

“If I wait until next year, (Bob) Miller and the new commissioner would appoint my successor,” Schambach said, though emphasizing he did not foresee this happening.

Schambach said much has been done over the past few years, noting he and current commissioners Mason and Miller, as well as former Commission Jason “Jake” Padlow, have worked together to improve Marshall County.