Commissioners Seeking Information on Wages

The Brooke County Commission on Tuesday asked the county’s department heads to provide information about specific hourly wages paid to staff members.

County Commissioner Jim Andreozzi said it’s too early to say whether the county will consider raises for employees, adding it will depend on the county’s unencumbered balance from the previous year.

The carryover is projected at $528,000, less than the $562,000 it had projected for earlier this year.

In recent years the commissioners have heard from county staff who said they haven’t received raises for several years. They were told of some who have worked for the county for several years and are making only slightly more than minimum wage.

Andreozzi said he’d like for the county employees to receive a financial boost in some form, possibly as a one-time bonus. He said with revenue down, the commission can’t afford to commit to increases in hourly wage rates. But Andreozzi added it’s come to the commission’s attention that in recent years some department heads gave raises to their staff, while other department heads did not.

Andreozzi said the raises were within those department’s budgets, but he believes the commissioners’ approval should have been sought first.

“We as commissioners need to get a better handle on wages in the courthouse,” he said.